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Carpe Diem

As the year 2014 comes to a close and we all sit down to make our business plan for the new year, we need to add a few items to the plan for effective time management.

To be even better more productive versions of ourselves, we need to effectively manage time in this age of constant connection…Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, texts, news feeds, blog feeds, etc. We are actually under attack by a digital overload of information and calls for our attention and time. Often people expect and we deliver instant responses.

Some of us are constantly checking the aforementioned and striving to give everyone what they want or need at the speed of light exhausting ourselves and being less productive than we could, while others of us just shut down and can’t even be relied upon to return a call – leaving a customer or client to try and figure out best how to get through and get a response.

I say we have to acknowledge, then tame this beast. Each interruption in a task takes 11 minutes to recover from (studies have shown this)…no wonder it can take a couple hours to complete a task that should take 20 minutes! Granted in this day and age we also acknowledge the importance of using all these tools to our advantage. But is checking social media or email 10 times an hour worth the price you pay on overall productivity?

Awareness is the first step…then decide what’s important. If updated social media will improve your business visibility and help complete your goals – great! Schedule it in. Don’t be a slave to every tweet and status update the instant they occur. Schedule time to post meaningful things and respond to others.

Plan to be “in the moment” more. Under the guise of “productivity and success” we can’t even make it through a meal these days without digital interruption of some kind. How impressed would your customer/client/co-worker or even spouse be if you actually focused your time and attention directly on them without digital interruption for a period of time? – it doesn’t have to be a long time…a meal, a meeting. I suspect they would be shocked, amazed and impressed and actually feel like you valued them. That would be a good thing for business or for living a happier, more relaxed, and more successful life because people in general appreciate and respond well to feeling valued.

Schedule time to “disconnect”. Take a digital break – without interruption to complete important tasks and maybe actually take time to think about the big picture of your business or life. I promise it will still be there after your break. And you will actually be refreshed and able to tackle much more!

Control your time and you control your day. Control your day and you control your week, month, year…which leads to controlling your life and ultimately your success and happiness.

As your agent you can count on me to respond in a timely fashion – although not always instantly, but also to focus on you and your needs and be “in the moment” with you.

Wishing you all a productive and prosperous new year…


Adrienne Gillis


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